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Installing signs supporting your sports greening work throughout your sports facilities can help publicize your efforts and to inspire all visitors to get involved.


Consider posting small branded signs with green tips at key “decision points” around the facilities. Some good locations to post these green “action” signs in sports facilities include:

  • A sign directing people to the stairs next to elevators
  • A sign encouraging people to refill their water bottles at water fountains
  • A sign next to locker room showers to encourage shorter showers
  • A sign next to towel dispensers encouraging to shake water off hands first and use one towel to minimize paper use
  • A sign next to light switches (that don’t have sensors) to remind to switch them off
  • A sign next to sound systems and other appliances in locker rooms to remind to turn them off when not in use
  • A sign next to ice machines in training rooms encouraging athletes not to waste plastic bags and wrap
  • A sign next to each recycling (and composting, if available) receptacle encouraging people to recycle
  • A sign next to printers to encourage printing double-sided to save paper


Consider posting larger branded posters with a wider variety of green tips in your sports facilities where users congregate. Some good locations to post these green tip posters in sports facilities include:

  • In training (physical therapy) rooms
  • In locker rooms
  • In restrooms
  • At the gym reception desk
  • In elevators
  • In concessions areas where lines form during games


The following recommendations are important to consider when creating your sports greening signs and posters:    

  • Contact sports facilities and communications staff for permission to post signs throughout athletics and recreation buildings (it’s helpful to assemble a list of the desired signage locations ahead of the meeting to expedite approval). Find out if there are any design or material specifications that the signs need to meet and ask for their input on the design and production.

  • Use the sports greening program logo and colors on all signs and posters. Consistent signage and branding can help build awareness of program successes and goals.

  • Posting many small signs at every “decision point” provides the repetitive reminders that can help create long-term behavior change and help to build a more sustainable campus culture.

  • Use funny slogans or images on signs and posters where appropriate. Humor can help attract student attention and reinforce the fun atmosphere at sports events.

  • Keep the messaging on signs positive, encouraging, active, and forward-looking. This optimistic approach is effective in building an engaged following that is excited about getting involved. Avoid negative messages that might deter fans from long-term commitment. (Say “Do this!” instead of “Don’t do this.”)

  • If using paper or cardboard signs (remember to use post-consumer recycled content!), consider options for protecting them from water or other damage and make sure they last as long as possible. One option is to laminate the signs (prioritize lamination or other waterproofing that doesn’t affect the recyclability of the signs).


Yale University, Bulldog Sustainability Poster Examples:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 2.42.28 PM.png

Yale University, Bulldog Sustainability Signage Examples:

University of Southern California Signage Examples:

Bates College Signage Examples: