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Sports greening initiatives can provide opportunities to strengthen fan, alumni and community connection to your school’s athletics teams and enhance your institution’s brand. Build a culture of sustainability at sports events.

Use simple, consistent signage that is integrated with other fan education initiatives such as posters, public address announcements, videos, social media coverage and personal interactions with recycling green team volunteers.    

Fan engagement can be as basic as incorporating visible and well-marked recycling bins at yours sports facilities, inviting community participation in green sports events (such as sports gear donation drives), or featuring ongoing displays at your sports facilities. Public service announcements or other broadcast initiatives can also yield great fan response. Athletics and recreation departments (and professional leagues and teams) have also modified their websites and social media outreach to engage fans in their greening initiatives.

Leading fan engagement strategies

Sports Greening Webpage: Establish a “green” page within your athletics department’s websites as a base for all outreach about your sports greening program.This page can be a valuable tool for presenting your mission and initiatives to the public, as well as encouraging their support.

Signs & Posters: Install signs supporting your sports greening work throughout your sports facilities to help publicize your efforts and inspire all visitors to get involved. Consider posting small branded signs with green tips at key “decision points”(e.g. recycling/waste stations) around the facilities. Also consider a larger poster series that educates fans about the variety of environmental efforts in place at your sports facilities and across campus.

Public Service Announcements: Screen short videos during games that feature your athletes taking green actions to inform fans about your greening initiatives and your commitment to environmental stewardship.

Social Media Promotion: Incorporate environmental messaging into the social media platforms that your sports department’s media team uses. Unique content about your sports greening progress can help enrich your existing social media material, strengthen your green brand, give fans a chance to join the dialogue, and provide the public with more incentives to follow your athletics department and institution on all social media platforms.

Recycling Green Team: Establish a Recycling Green Team to help raise community awareness of your sports greening work while promoting recycling and enhancing waste diversion from landfill at your sports facilities.

Green Tips: Use greener living tips in all outreach materials for fans to provide practical ways for them to join your efforts and to encourage them to to change their own behavior at home, at work, and in their everyday lives.

Community Events: Hold community outreach events, such as electronic waste recycling drives or tree plantings, to promote your sports greening initiatives while providing opportunities for the general public to connect with your institution and athletics department.